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What's for Dinner?

Are you tired of answering the dreaded “What’s for dinner?” We hear you. Evenings are quickly consumed by yoga classes, loads of laundry and kids’ activities. And getting dinner on the table can seem impossible. Lunds & Byerlys has simple solutions for a quick, easy and satisfying dinner the whole family will love.

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The Fall Adventures You Won't Want to Miss

Whether you are dying for a festive get together or just hungry for a meal out with friends, we’ve got some ideas for finding simple pleasures and new special traditions this fall.

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Family Fun This Fall

The beginning of the school year can be hectic. Take some time to slow down this fall by planning a family trip to Minnesota Children’s Museum. It’s the perfect space to get away from the distractions of home, school, and work. Play is one of the best ways to strengthen bonds between kids and parents, and a visit is an easy way to build memories that last a lifetime.

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About Us

Our mission is to provide the highest quality nutraceuticals, botanicals, and healthcare supplies to our greater community. As naturopathic doctors, we are experts in nutrition and supplementation – we know that quality makes a difference. Supplements are a loosely regulated industry in the US; this means that there are a wonderful variety of products to choose from for your health needs, but it also means that not all products are of equal quality or efficacy. Neighborhood Naturopathic products are formulated to contain the highest quality active ingredients in the most appropriate forms. We provide hypoallergenic, organic when possible, well tolerated formulations which are manufactured at or beyond Current Good Manufacture Practice (CGMP). We provide professional quality supplementation, so you can stay healthy and take care of yourself and your loved ones.

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  • Significant Substitution Advantage - Promote health and well-being

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